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Sudoblock HTML5


Title: Sudoblock
Release date: 21-09-2022
Platforms: HTML5
Genre: Puzzle
Price: € –
Developer: Denda Games
languages: English

THIS PUZZLE GAME WILL make you work!


It’s very simple to start a game of Sudoblock and have some good results in the first minutes, but after a couple of moves the challenge will start. Work your way up to a high-score without getting stuck in the Grid. Do you have what it takes to keep you head cool? Try it out!

Based on real succesful puzzle-game 

Sudoblock is comining gameplay from 2 of the most succesful puzzle games ever made: Sudoku and Tetris.  In this 9×9 grid your goal is to fill up squares of 3×3 and full horizontal and vertical lines. Each square and line will give you a bonus. The game is giving you random puzzle pieces and you have to keep a free spot at every stage, because you never know what’s coming.


  • Combine Sudoku with Tetris
  • Free to Play HTML5 game
  • Rewarded advertisement and Pre-roll ads integrated
  • More than 2 milion gameplays per month 

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