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Denda Games is a successful developer of games, both as “Work For Hire” studio and as developer of our own IP. Besides being a developer, we also offer game development services, as mentioned on the right. Together with internal game developers, external game developers and game studios, Denda Games has managed game project teams during the entire process, from the idea phase to a successful release of the game and beyond. 

Previous and current platforms:

  • HTML5 Gaming
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo DS/3DS
  • Sony PlayStation 4/5
  • PC download
  • PC Physical
Localization and QA testing

Together with partners all over the World, Denda Games has been localizing games and performing QA testing to lift games to the highest possible level. With our own team of translators and QA testers, combined with professional external help, we will meet up with the international game standards to make our and your games a success.

Game Design Document Production

When you’re in need of a sparring partner to co-create a Game Design Document, we are there to assist you. With years of experience in gaming and game mechanics, we can help you push your Game Design Document to the next level. Do you only have an idea to start with? That’s no problem at all. We can produce the Game Design Document for you, after signing a mutual NDA of course, based on your input.

Online Gaming, Game download and puzzle platform development

Denda Games can assist you in the development of a gaming or puzzle platform: online, mobile or download. We have produced gaming and puzzle platforms which now attracts millions of visitors each month. We will assist you throughout the whole process, from a clear game plan to realizing a successful platform. We will make sure every detail needed is realized to make it a big succes.