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We are active in gaming and celebrating the release of great games for multiple decades now. 
Denda Games in a nutshell:
  • Denda Games started in 1997 with the first release: Earth 2140
  • Denda Games is the NR 1 Casual Gaming Publisher in the Benelux since 2007.
  • Denda Games started game development in 2017
  • Denda Games has gamified numerous of brands and companies.

More than 1.800 games released on our portal! We are striving to release a new game every week!


Absolute dedication to provide the best gaming experience for our audience!


Your success is our success! We will help you grow your business and bring entertainment to your audience.


Work hard, play hard! We love to enjoy life after a hard week of work. Come join our Friday drinks and talk about the good things in life.

…There is always something magical about the moment a game is released!

Based in the Netherlands, Denda Games is active in Game Publishing since 1997. From the start of game publishing, Denda Games has always focussed on using the right platforms to reach the target group with our games.

Due to our focus on the gamer, Denda Games released many successful games in the past. We can also tell you some stories about complete failures too. It’s all part of game!.

So join us and have great fun! Meet us at game events to talk about gaming and challenge us with new thoughts and ideas. Be part of our success and build a partnership.


Jacques Neuvel
Managing Director
Thomas Veldhuis
Director of Business Development
Tom van der Pluijm
Platform Manager
Lennard Mulder
Technical Game Producer
image 3
Nighel Nijhuis
Game Developer
image 5
Collin Meinders
Game Developer
image 11
Deniss Gerasimovs
Game Developer
Karlijn Walters
Lead Graphical Designer
image 8
Demy Hoevenberg
Graphic Designer
Sofiia Kukhar
Game Designer
Ioana Stan
Game Designer
Anastasiia Volkova
Lead Artist
image 6
Evelina Brugger
2D Artist
image 4
Keith Markova
2D Artist
image 7
Carina Tirdea
3D Artist
image 10
Elske de Jong
3D Artist
image 9
Iulian Cioloca
Database Engineer


we are here

Demmersweg 21
7556 BN Hengelo
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 541-570-270

working hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed