Game Publishing

Denda Games is active in various ways to publish your game


We have a great understanding of the dynamics of console platforms, Like Nintendo e-shop, X Box shop, and Playstation shop. We can support you with our obtained knowledge to generate maximum turnover from your games. When you develop a great game, Denda games will make sure your target group worldwide will be reached.

With our own portal, we reach about >100K active casual gamers every month, waiting for your premium game to buy! Every genre has his own audience,  so make the best of your game on our portal!

Denda games has more than enough experience getting games on the Steam platform and reach the target audience. We can help you get the same results with your games.

Together with our partner, DPG Media, we reach 10 million HTML5 online gamers each month. Monetisation is made with a higher e-CPM than the industry standard, so when you want to make the maximum out of your HTML5 game, join us on our platform!

Over the last years Denda Games has supported developers to make the best out of their mobile development activities in the field of F2P. A strong co-operation, working both on all aspects of the F2P mechanics, is the key to success.

We have a strong position in the retail in the Benelux ( Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg). However nowadays retail is just a fraction of what it used to be, so together we must work out a strong range of games, supported by marketing, to succeed in retail. This is reality for all platforms.

Besides physical game publishing, Denda Games has a great knowledge of CODE in BOX retail publishing, especially for the Nintendo Switch.